Parameter Ocean (typical) Tank (desired)
Salinity 1.025 sg 1.026 sg
Ph 8-8.3 8-8.3
Alkalinity 7dkh 7-11dkh
Calcium 420ppm 380-450ppm
Magnesium 1280ppm 1250-1350ppm
Phosphate 0-0.05ppm 0.03ppm
Nitrate 0-0.1ppm 0-1ppm
Temp 23-28*C 23-28*C
Nitrite and Amonia undetectable undetectable

Each Aquarium is different and parameters often
need to be managed to suit your aquariums needs
and the needs of the livestock kept.

Any parameter changes need to be done slowly as
large changes in parameters can have a detrimental
effect on stock.

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