MASQ has a long history with the best Local Fish Shops and Equipment Suppliers in QLD. This relationship has allowed us to hold many member days and events at their store.

We also have a long tradition of holding meeting at the homes of our members. These days are very popular as then enable the person who is hosting the event to get new ideas and the members visiting often see alternative ways to reefing.


If you would like to hold and event at your place please contact us and we will arrange everything.


Please Note that if the event involves Lucky Door Prizes, give aways or Frags you must be a current financial member or hold a paid Event Guest Pass to receive these.


Single event ‘Guest Pass’ memberships are available for $15.  This will include a member frag pack on the frag day as well. 

This value can then be added toward a full membership if desired: Event Guest Pass

There are no upcoming events.

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