The aim of MASQ is to promote the exchange of information on the marine aquarium hobby for the benefit of hobbyists and the marine environment. We meet almost every month to see other aquariums, learn from each other and to socialise with others who have the same interests as ourselves.

MASQ holds regular events during the year.  At some of these meetings we frag some corals. At these meetings people learn about the sustainable use of corals, methods of fragging corals and safety whilst fragging during the course of the day. At these meetings everyone walks away with anywhere from 5-10 coral fragments for their tanks, some of which people still have growing successfully years later and able to redistribute amoungst other members.

MASQ provides a formal network for its members bringing together a wealth of collective experience. Some of the activities that MASQ will promote include regular member host meetings to check out fellow members’ tanks, online and real world presentations about the systems and animals, discussion groups and members who are willing to be help contacts. It is our view that that everyone gains from the creating successful aquarists.

MASQ has a long history with the best Local Fish Shops and Equipment Suppliers in QLD.  This relationship has allowed us to hold many member days and events at their store.  We recognises the importance of keeping business local and as such seeks work in partnership with local retailers.  We seek to encourage our members to support local businesses and in return we hope that businesses will find value in supporting our society. As local fish stores are mostly the first point of contact for new marine enthusiasts, businesses can provide a valuable conduit for new members to the society. In return LFS will have somewhere to refer new enthusiasts that are often eager for new information to MASQ and thus reduce some of the burden of educating new hobbyists.