MASQ has established a library of books of interest to MASQ members. This allows access to material within the books that are relevant to the every member’s stage of this hobby without the added expense of paying out money on a book that may have only one or two articles that apply to them.

As well as books, the MASQ library also has water test kits which will be bought along to monthly meetings so MASQ members can have free water testings.

Other equipment is available after contacting the librarian (form below) and arranging a time for collection. 

All Equipment is to borrow for free to financial members.  Tank Lifters and PAR Meter available for Hire to Non Members*

Tank Lifters

Suction cup tank lifters

PAR Meter

Check you PAR and set your lights correctly

Emergency Kit

Small tank, air pump and other essential items in the case of disease outbreak, leaking tank etc.

Coral & Fish Books

Books to assist in the identification and requirements of marine fish and corals.

Test Kits

Advanced Test Kits

Coral Magazine

Many editions of Coral for inspiration for your next big project or just a good read.

Detailed Book List:

  • Updated book list coming soon
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