Tank Details

  • October 2017
  • 2400 x 900 x 700mm high approx 1800ltrs including sump.
  • Mixed Reef
  • Steel stand with timber cabinetry 2 pack painted.

Other Details

  • How Long have you been in the hobby?
    • 4 years recently in marine but had tanks from 1996-2005 from freshwater cichlid tanks to marine. Things have come along way with technology and also cost of the technology compared to back then.
  • Do you have a sump and/or refugium? If so, what size?
    • 1800 x 450 x 450mm sump with refugium incorporated in sump and also have frag tank connect to main system.
  • Filtration eg. amount of live rock, sand bed or bare bottom, mechanical filtration etc?
    • Filter socks x 4, refugium, siporax, marine pure all in sump. Mainly fake rock in display with a couple pieces of live rock.
  • Skimmer Details?
    • Reef Octopus XP5000 with bubble blaster 5000 needlewheel pump.
  • Water flow/movement (powerheads etc)?
    • Ecotech vortech mp60 x1 and mp40 x 1.
    • 2 x Jebao 12,000 Ltr return pumps.
  • Lighting, type and times
    • 5 x Ecotech Radion gen3 pros and will have 2 x t5 fluros running either side of radions the length of tank.
  • Other equipment such as auto topoff, Ca reactor etc
    • Dosing pumps for dosing elements/chemicals, ATO, UV steriliser, ozone generator, Ecotech reeflink.
  • Water parameters
    • Fluctuates, run higher levels of cal, alk, mag, potassium generally.
  • Additives and conditioners (kalk, phophate removers etc.)
    • Dosing lanth for phosphate and Reef Annabolics for trace elements along with Randy’s Recipe for main 3 elements.
  • Fish stock. 
    • Tangs:  Sohal, Clown, Powder Blue, Powder Brown, Purple, Yellow, Desjardinii Sailfin, Brisstletooth, Blue, Naso, Blonde Naso.
      2 x cleaner wrasse
      African flameback Angel
      Magnificent foxface
      Firetail gobies
      Decora goby
      Harlequin tusk
      Melanarus wrasse
      Solerenis wrasse
      • Plan to add many more fish as system matures and deals with current bioload.
  • Coral stock.
    • Lobophylia
  • Other Inverts.
    • 2 x Black Sea cucumbers and turbo snails
  • Maintenance such as water changes, cleaning etc?
    • Change filter socks and rinse item from sump where possible like mess guarding between sump sections, water change 1000ltrs once a fortnight.
  • Acknowledgments and any other comments you would like to make that don’t apply elsewhere.
    • I have this time round with this new build that using the fake rock as good as no pests or hitchhikers are the bacteria is lacking and the biological bacteria to help with reducing nutrients is not there and having to do more frequent water changes than necessary at this stage to keep nutrients at a more acceptable level.
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